Coffins & Caskets

At Cliff Bradley & Sons Funeral Directors we offer a wide variety of coffins and caskets from the countrys leading craftsmen and manufacturers. All are made from managed, sustained yield forests where management and replanting are government supervised.

Coffins & Caskets Gainsborough

Coffins & Caskets

Choosing a coffin is often one of the hardest aspects of arranging a funeral. For some families it is the most difficult, visual and emotional element associated with discussing the funeral arrangements. We recognise this and will offer as much help as possible in a caring and compassionate manner. Remember, this is a natural part of the grieving process. At Cliff Bradley & Sons Funeral Directors we offer a wide variety of coffins and caskets from the country’s leading craftsmen and manufacturers all of which use materials sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified merchants.

Coffins and Caskets

Coffins and caskets are made from eco-friendly materials such as willow, bamboo, wool and cardboard, and come in a variety of colours and finishes. Working in conjunction with our partners, we can create personal, unique and very bespoke picture coffins that help celebrate and commemorate the life of a special person. We are here to assist you in each step of the process. We have an extensive range of coffins and caskets available which include appropriate lining. If you would like to leave some of your loved one’s belongings with them in the coffin, please bring them with you. There are some items which do have restrictions placed on them by crematoriums. We will advise you if required.

The coffins and caskets featured below are just a small selection of the hundreds of choices available from our trusted supplier network. Exact specifications, materials and finishes do vary, so we always encourage our families to make an appointment with us to discuss their requirements and be provided with all the options.

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At this difficult time, it can be hard knowing what is best. Cliff Bradley & Sons Funeral Directors are always available in your time of need and will listen to you to make sure your wishes, and those of your loved one, are carried out. No matter what your budget, our funeral directors will help to inform you of your options every step of the way.

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As your dedicated local funeral directors, we are here to advise you in making all the arrangements required. Please remember that we are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in whatever way we can. If you require any help, advice or assistance, please do contact us.

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Other Options

The coffins and caskets shown on this page are just a small selection of the hundreds of choices available. Please contact us to make your selection from our range of tailored brochures. With a huge range of options to choose from, we can help you to create a lasting memory as unique as the personality of your loved one who has passed away.